Avoteo platform – the next crowdfunding revolution

Hamburg, Germany, 12 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Avoteo is, first and above all, a vote.

And while it might seem voting is taken for granted, even unimportant, that’s because voting has become integral to our lives. We don’t vote because we can, we vote because we are human. And we don’t just vote in official elections; we vote every day. Every time we like something on social media, when we vote for our favorite reality TV act, whenever a group collectively decides where to head for dinner, every time we choose to spend money or pick one film to stream over another, we are exercising our freedom and casting a vote.

People had to fight for hundreds of years for the right to vote, to be able express their opinions and define their own freedom. But because of them, that right now forms the foundation of democracies and constitutions, old and new, around the world.

Voting has become an inalienable right. And that right to choose and to express our choice is at that very heart of what it is to be human, and at the very heart of Avoteo.

What is Avoteo?

It might be easier to be clear about what Avoteo is not. It not just another cryptocurrency or platform. It isn’t just another asset which will rise and fall, helping you make a quick profit. And it isn’t just another platform jumping on a trend to do something with crypto instead of using regular currency.

When you buy Avos you aren’t investing in a cryptocurrency, you are investing in a community. Your Avos are your stake in that community. When you own them, you have the right to vote in the governance and direction of Avoteo. You will have the right to support your favorite founders and, collectively, to fund them. And you will get a return based on the community’s collective success.

Avoteo is an opportunity to be part of something new and creative, where everyone is invested in success and things are done a little differently.

Avoteo has its own governance and its own economy, which is as much an economy of ideas as it is an economy of cryptocurrency. You can, of course, simply buy Avos to sell later, but by participating within the Avo economy you can generate wealth to fund founders, who will, in turn, generate wealth for investors like you.

Avoteo is a vibrant platform that combines the best of crowdfunding, cryptospace, social media, and finance.

How it all works

We start with our central premise: Avoteo is a vote. Everyone who owns enough Avos has a stake in the platform, and this gives them the right to a vote.

The main way voting will be used is to vote for founders and their ideas. Those that get the most votes will be funded to develop and launch their ideas. Getting funding on Avoteo is not about whom you know, or having the right connections to get you seen, it’s about having an idea that convinces people. It’s an open and competitive platform where the best ideas will flourish however humble their origins.

The Avoteo economy

There will be one billion Avos sold in three tranches. Many of these will have lengthy vesting periods, ensuring that owners are stakeholders in the platform, not just traders looking for a profit.

Once listed and the tokens are tradable, there will be a 10% transaction tax. 3% will go to the liquidity pool, and 3% will be redistributed to all token holders. The remaining 4% will be invested in the Funding Wallet and used to support founders, creators, and innovators.

A stake in the community

Democracy is at the heart of Avoteo. Avo holders will be part of the whole project’s governance. Avoteo is a community based around voting, and that means the community can vote on the direction it is going.

Governance voting will be organized by the developers at key points to help decide the direction of the project. But the community will also be able to propose votes which, if successful, will shape the project.

A democracy of ideas

At the core of Avoteo, though, are the ideas. Founders who are hoping to secure funding will be able to present their ideas on the platform. And anyone with the minimum holding of Avo tokens will have one vote per project. They can upvote projects they love, downvote those they don’t like, or just abstain.

The community judgement on individual projects will determine which are funded from the Funding Wallet. Rather than convincing just a few funders with deep pockets, founders that can convince the Avoteo community will not just get funding, they will know that they have a product that already has popular support.

And, beyond that, founders will have access to the Avoteo community. We want to the community to be as diverse as possible, bringing together people from different backgrounds, with different experiences and skills. Through Avoteo, people who have something to offer can find those in need, and those that need help can find people with the necessary skills. Whether that’s a developer who needs a bit of help with marketing, or a visionary who needs that developer, members of the Avoteo community will have practical ways to contribute to the success of projects and the platform.

The Avoteo difference

Although it has a principle that is as old as humanity — that we are all equal — at its heart, Avoteo will be a platform like no other before.

Avoteo will be a community where, when one member succeeds, everyone succeeds. Members can contribute directly to the success of Avoteo, helping to set its direction and fulfil its ambitious promise. Founders will be able to test their ideas, improving their product and winning support to win funding.

Community members will all be able to help ensure that projects succeed, being able to offer their skills and talents to those that need them. Meanwhile, founders will have access to a considerable pool of talent who are already invested in their success.

And when projects succeed, the profits that are returned against the initial investment from the Avoteo community will go back to the Avoteo community.

How you can benefit from being part of Avoteo

We want everyone to be an active part of the Avoteo community. But anyone can use Avoteo how they wish.

You can use your Avo tokens as a simple investment. By holding your Avos, you will benefit from the redistribution of the transaction tax to token holders. And if you retain the tokens, you will also start to benefit from the returned profits of successful projects. Since some of these returns will also go to the funding wallet, there is the prospect of this revenue streaming growing over time.

If you are a more active investor, the Avo tokens — once listed — will be tradable on several CEX and DEX, allowing you to benefit from the increase in the tokens’ value as the platform grows and succeeds.

As a stakeholder in Avoteo, you will have a voice in the platform’s direction. Although Avoteo has an ambitious roadmap as we launch, list, and fund our first projects, we know that circumstances change. All our token holders will be able to help shape how we respond and grow, ensuring that key decisions are taken for everyone’s benefit.

Most excitingly, as an Avo token holder, you will have the chance to find and follow founders and innovators. You can support them with your votes, and as part of the community help them move from idea to live product or service. And you won’t just be helping the founder or the Avoteo community, you’ll be supporting projects that can change the world.

Best of all, though, is that however you use Avoteo, whether you are a passive investor, or an active member involved in multiple projects, you will be helping the platform succeed and sharing in the benefits of that success.

A revolutionary platform

Avoteo isn’t just taking crowdfunding and adding crypto. It’s an ambitious plan to create a sustainable ecosystem that will provide returns for token holders while funding the innovators who are going to change the world.

The more it succeeds, the more token holders will benefit, and with that success, the platform will generate more revenues to fun more projects and continue the cycle.

Avoteo takes the fundamentals from human nature: concepts like equality and democracy, the urge to organize and form communities, the altruistic instinct to help each other succeed. It combines these, and more, in a platform that isn’t just fueled by crypto or tokens, it’s fueled by the optimism and innovation of its members.

It uses technology to help people communicate their vision, find tomorrow’s successes, and give and receive support. It’s harnesses and unleashes the power of innovation and ideas. Avoteo is the next revolution in crowdfunding.

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